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Increase efficiencies, build brand consistency, and strengthen your donor profiles with AI-driven functionality built into our digital engagement platform. Our AI will help your team quickly deploy online donation pages, so you can start receiving donations quicker than ever before – all without leaving StratusLIVE Ignite. Utilize business intelligence and visualizations to drive strategy and improve donor connections.


Content Generator: Ignite AI

Introducing our first of many Ignite AI feature integrations. Generate highly optimized content for emails, engagement pages, giving pages, volunteer pages and event pages without ever leaving the page builder or email tools.

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AI Starter Kit

Our comprehensive ebook is the perfect stepping stone for your journey into understanding AI, now available for download! Discover how AI empowers nonprofits to increase efficiencies, decrease costs, and unlock new fundraising opportunities. In this ebook, you will learn: The fundamentals of AI, How AI can help you automate tasks and free up time to build deeper donor relationships, Strategies to identify the right donors and make timely asks for optimal fundraising success, Techniques to leverage AI for personalized donor communications and enhanced engagement, Insights into program delivery optimization through AI-powered data analysis

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Advancing the Nonprofit Sector with AI

The future of Nonprofit Tech has arrived with AI. Discover what your future holds in our discussion on many forms of AI and how it will help enhance the work you are doing in your community.

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For Successful Nonprofit Donation Pages

Learn how to prompt AI effectively for successful nonprofit donation pages. Enhance clarity, specificity, and outcomes to craft engaging content effortlessly!

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StratusLIVE’s AI-Powered Products Seamlessly Unite to Drive Nonprofits Towards Sustainable Growth.

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