9 06, 2020

The Evolving Digital Nonprofit Technology Landscape

June 9th, 2020 | Categories: Microsoft |

Last month, Forbes posted an article titled “Why Enterprise Software Will Be Forever Changed.” Within the article, software executives commented on the future of technology. One of these executives, Adam Mansfield, the Practice Leader at UpperEdge, highlights Microsoft:

13 05, 2020

Effective Change Management Practices

May 13th, 2020 | Categories: Donor Database |

There’s change management, and then there’s change management in a crisis. Many of us wish we would have been prepared for COVID-19. We would have tested whether or not our VPNs worked from home. We would have finally purchased an ergonomic desk chair and set up our home offices, but we didn’t have the chance to prepare. This crisis forced us to change… no questions asked, and hardly any of us had time to think or plan, we had to act.

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