15 01, 2020

TechSoup Identifies StratusLIVE as a Nonprofit Tech Trend for 2020

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TechSoup published a blog post highlighting five nonprofit tech trends for 2020. We are excited to be featured as one of these tech trends. Here is the excerpt featuring StratusLIVE: "A New Online Nonprofit Operating System? My TechSoup colleague Stephen Delaney and I sometimes muse about what an online nonprofit operating system would look like. The people at StratusLIVE and Microsoft Philanthropies have come up with something that looks just like that. Here's what the new online technology platform does: Fundraising Constituent management Marketing and engagement Case management Financial processing Program management Events and volunteers Grants management Corporate social responsibility The software is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform so that it has the Microsoft user interface, including Office and Outlook. Under the hood, the platform supports mobile devices, omnichannel marketing, and predictive analytics. It of course is in a cloud-based architecture. The software is already in use by United Way of Greenville County [...]

8 01, 2020

Top 5 Fundraising Predictions for International Affairs Organizations in 2020

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In May 2019, the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and USAID’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad released a global philanthropy study. These findings influence the fundraising predictions nonprofit professionals can expect within international affairs in 2020:   Prediction #1: Continued increase in online giving According to the Lilly study, “Technological innovations enhance cross-border philanthropy and public-private partnerships. Online giving to international affairs organizations has been increasing, and more than 50 countries joined the #GivingTuesday movement to raise funds through social media and collaboration in 2018.”   It’s evident that donors look to online sources to uncover new causes. A recent YMCA study uncovered that 48% of youth discover nonprofits on social media. Nonprofit organizations must leverage online platforms to share their mission and convert followers into donors.  Online giving pages such as StratusLIVE’s Give Now pages enable development staff to create customized pages with prepopulated donation amounts. These pages entice social media and online users to donate whenever, wherever they feel compelled.   Prediction #2: [...]

6 01, 2020

Three Top Tips to Define Outcomes

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International affairs organizations know all too well the importance of outcomes tracking. How can you eliminate poverty, improve sanitation, or increase clean water access without data? This data demonstrates programmatic success and indicates that your grant dollars and donations contribute to your mission.   When you and your team are deep in the work of doing good, it’s challenging to stop, take a step back, and evaluate your progress. However, if you put in the leg work, define outcomes and track inputs, you will reap the benefits.   Here are three top tips to accurately define outcomes at your international affairs organization:  1. Determine your organization’s KPIs. This requires collaboration among your staff, board, and other stakeholders. What are the big vision goals your organization aims to achieve? What are the incremental, measurable steps you will take on the path to accomplish these big goals? For example, an organization that builds schools in underserved communities abroad may have a KPI to build 500 [...]

5 12, 2019

Five Tips to Build a Trust Culture at Your Nonprofit

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One of the top challenges nonprofits face today is displaying data transparency. Not only is your organization beholden to the government and your board but also your donors. These individuals trust that the dollars contributed to your cause effectively conduct your mission-critical work. Many times, donors even expect proof in terms of quantitative and qualitative data that demonstrate your impact. If your donors expect this level of trust from your organization so does your team. Here are five tips to build a trust culture at your nonprofit: Utilize one technology system You might think “how does technology have anything to do with creating a trust culture?” Well, when your team has one system with access to your donor data, email marketing, and outcomes information, they have a wholistic view of your organization’s impact. With this information, they feel empowered to perform their role more efficiently and passionately. They will [...]

11 11, 2019

Tips to Identify your Funders’ Centers of Influence

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Imagine walking into a room filled with individuals who shared similar characteristics with some of your most loyal donors and contributors. These individuals understand your mission and vision, and they have a propensity to give. This room exists, and it’s filled with your donors’ centers of influence (COI). If you can successfully tap into this group, you have the potential to unlock an influx of new donor dollars. Identify your donor profile In order to identify your funders’ centers of influence, you must think back to your donor profile. Who is this individual? Where do they “hang out” both in online and offline communities? If you successfully identify these groups, you can identify additional individuals who may contribute to your cause. Since these individuals associate with one of your donors, they should be more inclined to donate to your cause as well, right? Let’s take an example by identifying [...]

1 11, 2019

How to Effectively Engage your Alumni in your Fundraising Efforts

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As former participants of your programs, your alumni represent a unique donor demographic. They understand best the effectiveness of your outreach, and they are living examples of your work. If you cultivate this donor group effectively and remind them of the lessons learned and opportunities granted to them through your organization, they can become a consistent funding source. If you are ready to develop a comprehensive donor engagement strategy, here are five steps to involve your alumni in your fundraising efforts: Invite your alumni to share personal or professional updates via your e-newsletter and social media. Community is all about connection. By sharing updates regarding their personal or professional lives, your alumni continue to feel tied to your organization. Within your e-newsletter campaigns, include a section for an alumni spotlight. This blurb can serve as a Q&A between your organization and the alumnus. Make sure to include a question [...]

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