StratusLIVE Ignite Donor Hub

Donor Hub is a personalized application for donors that offers the ability to update their profiles and stay informed about the causes and organizations most important to them. With Donor Hub, your nonprofit creates long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your donors that drive engagement and inspire action. 

Features & Benefits

Empower your donors to own their giving experiences

Donors can:

  • See a complete view of their engagement activity and giving history with the nonprofit
  • Maintain their contact information, profile, payment methods, and preferences for engaging with the nonprofit
  • Receive news and program updates about their interests and favorite causes from the nonprofit
  • Manage and update pledges and recurring gift plans with the nonprofit
  • Retrieve and print tax receipts and related acknowledgments
  • View and manage upcoming engagement opportunities such as Volunteer projects, Event registration and attendance, and other activities of the nonprofit
  • Submit requests for assistance from the nonprofit
  • Send a message or communication to the digital administrators of the nonprofit
Donor Hub Profile

Stay connected with donors

Organization can:

  • Communicate and share updates with donors throughout their lifetime – no more losing donor accounts due to employment changes  
  • Showcase your latest news, upcoming events, or highlight funds in need
  • Uncover insights about your donors that inform your outreach and fundraising strategies    

Empower your donors to own their giving experiences

  • Provide donors the ability to update profile information including name, birthday, address, and communication preferences  
  • Offer self-service functionality including monitoring child sponsorships, managing pledges, and recurring giving, and registering for volunteer events  
  • Grant the ability to access gift acknowledgment forms and view lifetime giving based on causes, current year commitments, and lifetime volunteer hours 
  • Equip donors with the ability to follow their favorite organizations, keeping them informed  
Donor Hub

Stay connected with donors

  • Communicate and share updates with donors throughout their lifetime – no more losing donor accounts due to employment changes  
  • Showcase your latest news, upcoming events, or highlight funds in need
  • Uncover insights about your donors that inform your outreach and fundraising strategies    
StratusLIVE Ignite Online Giving Donor Hub


Here’s a few of the other StratusLIVE Ignite Modules

Give at Work is a solution for your partner companies that allows employees to contribute to their favorite charities and causes through volunteering, matching, and online donations.

Give in Teams provides donors the ability to create or join teams, share their fundraising campaigns, and track their progress toward goals. Record, report upon, and aggregate fundraising efforts for the whole team’s viewing or part of a larger fundraising effort. With Give in Teams, your most-spirited donors leverage their connections for good.

Support do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising with Give with Friends and ignite the creativity within your most loyal donors to contribute in personalized, meaningful ways. Through these DIY and peer-to-peer campaigns, you empower your donors to create a fundraising campaign, inspire friends, and give on their terms. With options for events (a backyard BBQ) or milestone giving (10 years cancer-free), your donors’ favorite activities and important occasions become opportunities for lasting change.

Accept donations on your nonprofit’s website at the click of a button with Give Now. Share your campaign’s message, secure your donors’ support, and update your CRM data all via these mobile-enabled, customizable donation pages. Donors may make one-time and recurring gifts and give in honor or in memory of someone dear. Giving has never been simpler.

Events provides seamless coordination of ticketed fundraising events such as galas, concerts, art shows, and walkathons. With customized pages, event managers share event specifics and detailed messaging to spark interest. Facilitate ticket purchases and utilize automated notifications to send printable tickets and reminders. With Events, your logistics are handled, so you can fine-tune the details that mean more to your donors.

Spread the word and recruit individuals for your nonprofit’s upcoming volunteer projects with Volunteer Now. Organizations and partner agencies create in-person, virtual, or hybrid events and promote these opportunities via their website. Whether a one-time highway cleanup or long-term student mentorship, your constituents are connected with the projects in most need of their help now.

In an increasingly digital world, your constituents need a positive environment to connect with others with a shared experience or similar passions and share in authentic and meaningful ways. With Community Hub, your nonprofit collects contact information from your constituents and fuels an experience in which connections are made for the greater good.

Schedule a demo from the comfort of your own desk or home office. We’ll tailor the content to your needs, work around your schedule, answer your questions. But mostly, we’ll amaze you at what this technology can do for your organization.

– The StratusLIVE Ignite Difference –

Quickly and easily create, manage, and report on online giving initiatives and discover how these efforts engage your donors and set your nonprofit apart.

Our setup and implementation record is the fastest in the industry. We’ll have you, your team, and your first campaign up and running in just days.

Offers a wide variety of giving modes and scenarios (including Team Fundraising, DIY Campaigns, and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising). Online donation and volunteer pages can be launched instantly to respond to the most pressing needs of your constituents.

Leverage our database of over 2 million charities including your partner agencies to create events and simplify their payout process.

Includes a variety of giving options to meet the needs of virtually any organization and employee including payroll deduction, paid time off, credit card, and PayPal.

Your donors can easily search for volunteer options based on interest, need, or location as either an individual or teams. Track results with real-time reporting.

Use our brand-builder tool to reinforce your digital brand by defining color schemes and logos. Your brand will then be used throughout the platform anywhere donors or other users interact with the organization. All emails and communication from your nonprofit on the platform will automatically use these branding guidelines.

A mobile-friendly, modern interface; one-click giving; single sign-on access; one-time and recurring gifting; and donations of paid time off are just some features.