Community Involvement. Collaboration. Collective Impact. These are the goals of federated organizations.

Our tools and expertise can transform those goals into a reality.

Community Involvement. Collaboration. Collective Impact.

These are the goals of federated organizations.

StratusLIVE Solutions for Federated Nonprofits

Your Federated nonprofit sits at the center of all things social good in your community.

How can you amass all this potential into meaningful change?



People want to work for and buy from organizations with a conscience. Our goal, as a company deeply connected to the nonprofit sector, is to provide the tools and services these organizations need to make their social commitment a reality.



A cloud-based platform that provides every conceivable Workplace Giving solution, innovative new products (employees can donate PTO hours), rocket-fast implementation, and 24/7 support from the same company that built it (no outsourcing done here.)



Our leadership team hails from both the nonprofit and corporate sectors, meaning we know what each community needs to succeed. Our goal isn’t just providing tools that work, but ensuring your team actually uses them to make the kind of difference they want.



Time is money for nonprofit organizations and companies alike. Our Workplace Giving platform can be implemented in a matter of days- hours if necessary- which means you and your team members can run your first campaign almost as soon as the inspiration strikes.

An Intuitive, Rapidly Deployable Workplace Giving Solution

Quickly and easily create, manage, and report on workplace giving, volunteering, and other corporate philanthropy efforts and happily discover how these efforts engage your employees and set your corporate partners’ brands apart.

Our setup and implementation record is the fastest in the industry. We’ll have you, your team, and your first campaign up and running in just days.

Includes a comprehensive array of corporate philanthropy programs, including workplace giving, matching gifts, volunteering, disaster response and more!

Easily find the local, national or international charity associated with a favorite campaign or cause in our database of 2.6 million registered nonprofits.

Includes a variety of giving options to meet the needs of virtually any organization and employee, including payroll deduction, paid time off, credit card, and PayPal.

Donors and constituents can easily search for volunteer options based on interest, need, or location as either individual or teams. Track results with real-time reporting.

Branded campaigns enable your corporate partners to easily enjoy the fruits of your CSR efforts, including stronger employee ties and improved brand reputation.

A mobile-friendly, modern interface; one-click giving; single sign-on access; one-time and recurring gifting; and donations of paid time off are just some features.

A little about our products

What are the benefits of partnering with StratusLIVE?

Improve positioning with corporate partners to help them accomplish their CSR goals.

Streamline communications with donors through an integration between StratusLIVE Ignite and StratusLIVE 365.

Increase efficiencies with internal teams through one central communication and data management tool.

Schedule a demo from the comfort of your own desk or home office. We’ll tailor the content to your needs, work around your schedule, answer your questions. But mostly, we’ll amaze you at what our fundraising CRM and online giving software can do for your organization.