Automated Distribution, Payout, and Donor Designation Information

The StratusLIVE Agency Portal is a win-win for both member agency and the funding nonprofit, providing automated distribution, payout, and donor designation information for the member agency while increasing productivity and accuracy.

The Agency Portal is specifically designed with the following features:

Automated Reporting

The Agency Portal allows you to automate and control the distribution of payout reports and donor designation information to agencies receiving specified gifts through your nonprofit.

“Where Raised” Reports

For United Ways, the Agency Portal provides fundraisers with “where raised” reports in accordance with Standard M.

Certification Compliance

The Agency Portal provides automated collection of information from an agency with respect to its certification or compliance documentation to receive designated gifts through a local United Way. To accomplish this goal, the agency uploads their documentation which is presented to the funding nonprofit to be verified.

Electronic Validation

The Agency Portal provides updated and real-time electronic validation service (also available directly in StratusLIVE 365) to confirm an agency’s status with respect to IRS standing, terrorist watch lists, and other data enrichment sources.

Agency Updates

The Agency Portal allows agencies to access and update their own information. With self-service access, agencies can immediately update their information as soon as a change has occured; keeping payouts on schedule, communication effective, and data entry as accurate as possible.