360-Degree View of Your Constituents

In today’s nonprofit world, you need accurate and complete data. StratusLIVE for Fundraisers Data Enrichment helps you get a better understanding of your donors by including external information in your system.

Our current research list for data enhancement includes hundreds of sources with tens of thousands of data points.

Data Enrichment comes in all forms and levels of integration to StratusLIVE for Fundraisers, and much is built right into the daily workflow. Here are some examples:

  • Demographics
  • Advocacy
  • Wealth Indicators
  • Assets
  • Agency Validation: Compare your list of member agencies and other nonprofits in your database to validate compliance for IRS nonprofit classification, exemption status, patriot act compliance and tax deductibility.
  • CASS Certification: Ensure your direct mail complies with accurate delivery through the United States Postal Service.
  • Wealth Profile Screening: See how StratusLIVE for Fundraisers provides full WealthEngine integration.
  • High-Volume Imports: Initially built for migrating data conversion projects into StratusLIVE for Fundraisers, the high-volume imports functionality can append records as needed prior to insertion.
  • Marketing Automation: This is one of the most exciting fields in data enrichment. With StratusLIVE for Fundraisers and partner solutions, you can track things like Web activity, email campaign open rates, click-throughs, and more.
  • Social Feeds: StratusLIVE for Fundraisers has integration to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer, and many other social network sites. Donor activity in social networks gets tracked and appended to the donor record directly in StratusLIVE for Fundraisers.