Greater Visibility Into Your Donors

A primary advantage of StratusLIVE 365 is our dynamic approach to building constituent and donor relationships, starting with your Donor Profile Database.

When you have your donor information easily accessible in one central place, you have more insight into what really motivates individuals to give. You also have a more accurate picture of every constituent—unlike separate volunteer management and donor management systems with incomplete or inconsistent views of donors and volunteers.

StratusLIVE 365’s Constituent and Donor Profile Database gives you greater visibility into the latest donor facts, stats, and preferences, all in one place.

Everyone across your organization can have access to the exact same information – everything from the correct address to personal communication preferences.

  • A complete view of how your donors interact with your organization
  • Contact AnalyticsMotivational interest scoring
  • More efficient, centralized data collection, entry, and storage
  • All your donor history and interactions stay in one place
  • Tracking of demographics, interests, affiliations, relationships, and communication preferences
  • More accurate donor profiles, which means smarter marketing strategies