Enterprise Level Analytical Marketing

For non-profit organizations demanding high ROI from their direct response fundraising campaigns, the ability to gather, understand, and use information has become more essential than ever.


StratusLIVE Analytical Marketing is a market segmentation tool that seamlessly creates targeted marketing campaigns in StratusLIVE 365. With full life cycle marketing & campaign management for successful omnichannel direct response fundraising, Analytical Marketing provides comprehensive descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics specifically for nonprofit organizations.

Getting to that place of prescriptive analytics should be the goal of every organization: discovering our best next steps to achieve maximum results, maximum return on investment, and maximum delivery of our mission into the communities we serve.

What does Analytical Marketing Software help you do?

  • Make faster, higher quality decisions
  • Segment, target, and package appeals for maximum results
  • Generate the greatest return on your marketing investment

Unlike competitors’ products which require weeks or even months of expensive and time-consuming third-party and/or off-site analysis, StratusLIVE’s Analytical Marketing provides real-time analysis of actual historical constituent and segment performance data which allows users to model and predict results and expected ROI of planned marketing activities, then produce the necessary segments and files for execution.

And it is all done in mere minutes at significantly lower cost, all in one easy-to-navigate user interface.


  • Fully integrated to StratusLIVE CRM profiles, interactions, transactions & metadata
  • Real-time constituent lifecycle management
  • Commercial Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform
  • Native integration to Excel, PowerView & PowerQuery
  • High-speed, high-volume, in-memory processing
  • A/B & extensive multivariate testing
  • Inventory awareness for premium, subscription & membership processing
  • Predictive analytics & ROI measurement
  • Eliminates third-party data management delays & costs
  • Distribution vendor agnostic with push-button file preparation & execution
  • Virtually limitless personalization of ask, text & treatments
  • Campaign, group, or individual constituent budgeting
  • Highly granular segmentation down to an individual record level


Analytical Marketing is an advanced set of functions designed to plan, model, execute, and analyze highly segmented, high-volume marketing activities.

The product provides real-time insight into the history of marketing activities and responses, as well as the performance of discrete constituent segments and individual constituents.

This allows marketing personnel to quickly and efficiently model planned marketing activity by conducting “what if” segment analysis with immediate predictive indicators for response rates, average gift, revenue, costs, and ROI.

Once modeled in an optimum fashion, the marketing activity can be executed using push-button “finalize and generate” functionality to create vendor-ready output files.

Product Components:

  • Universe Manager
  • Segmentation Manager
  • File Definition Manager
  • List Manager
  • Subscription Manager
  • Premium Fulfillment
  • Cost/Component Manager
  • Source Code Manager


Full Support for in-house or outsourced expertise:

The primary goal of Analytical Marketing software is to help you make faster, higher-quality decisions based on real-time information and process marketing appeals as quickly as possible.

To achieve this goal, our software was built to shift away from the traditional outsourced marketing strategy & execution which has been slow, expensive, and time consuming. By eliminating third-party data management and segmentation outsourcing, your organization can rely on its own internal subject matter expertise to communicate more effectively than ever before.

We also understand that some organizations want to continue using some or all of their current outsource companies and consultants. With this in mind, we built StratusLIVE’s Analytical Marketing to work the way you do.

Would you like to keep your outside fundraising firm, segmentation strategist, media buyer, or data analysis consultant? Great! They can log in from anywhere on any device and continue to provide guidance to your team with even more success.

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