Make sense of your data

The new enterprise-class StratusLIVE Nonprofit Business Intelligence (BI) platform provides all the power and flexibility you need to measure and optimize for improved fundraising performance.

By changing the way you gather, shape, and analyze data, your nonprofit can gain strategic insights to inform your marketing, operations, donor engagement, and financial planning efforts. That means faster, better decisions, which lead to greater return on investment across the organization.

You now have access to tools that help you take action to improve your nonprofit’s operational effectiveness and meet fundraising goals.

Because the StratusLIVE BI platform leverages familiar Microsoft tools such as Excel with Power Pivot, it’s easy to learn and use, placing the power of advanced business intelligence directly in the hands of your team members, eliminating outdated processes, legacy software, and expensive service vendor bottlenecks.


BI brings big benefits

Data is growing exponentially, making it possible to glean insights in innovative new ways. How can you take advantage of this new information?

Discover and Combine – Organize, access, and explore your data and gather new information from virtually limitless third party sources. Collect, consolidate, and clean large volumes of information to eliminate multiple point solutions.

Model and Analyze – Model your data in flexible ways that make the most sense for your organization. Measure progress in light of key performance indicators (KPIs) as established by your organizational goals. Using the power of in-memory data technology, analyze millions of rows of data in real time at lightning fast speed to create sophisticated data models quickly and easily. No fancy experts required.

Visualize – Create dynamic, sophisticated visual representations of your data with easy-to-use tools. Explore and present your data in exciting, innovative ways with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to see your data in a new light. Since StratusLIVE BI works with live data in real time, charts, graphs, and reports are fully interactive.

Share and Collaborate – Share live custom reports and data sets with other members of your organization. Share queries you’ve created and easily find those created by other people on your team. Upload reports to share them or build customized dashboards to feature and highlight specific information.

Get Answers and Insights – Get the information you need by using natural language to ask questions and find answers. Modify the questions to find new insights about your constituents and accelerate your nonprofit’s decision-making process with reliable, strategic information. All you have to do is ask.

Optimize and Streamline – Define, measure, and analyze your KPIs to gather better, more usable insights to increase your fundraising efficiency. Use StratusLIVE Business Intelligence to inform resource allocation for maximum return with significantly reduced turnaround time. Get clear insights into your data with easy-to-use tools that don’t require a degree in statistics. Lower overhead costs while making better, timely strategic decisions. Wait less, do more.

A single version of the truth

Manipulating data using time-consuming manual processes leads to inaccuracy and frustration.

The StratusLIVE 365 product suite is built around the premise that organizations can only achieve maximum results through the elimination of point solutions (Click to download our nonprofit CRM whitepaper).

In keeping with this philosophy, StratusLIVE Nonprofit Business Intelligence capabilities eliminate data silos, disconnected software programs, and inefficient data management processes.

The time has come to enable your users to seamlessly access and analyze data across your entire nonprofit, allowing for greater collaboration and less miscommunication.

Keep your people connected 24/7 through mobile access, allowing for effective, consistent communication anytime, anywhere. Work in real time to optimize your nonprofit’s performance and measurably boost productivity.

Request a free demo today to take StratusLIVE Nonprofit Business Intelligence for a test drive.