Timely and Accurate Payout and Distribution Management

Distribution management features in StratusLIVE 365 provide robust designation and payout management for restricted donations.

From simple program support to highly complex transaction-based processing, StratusLIVE 365 delivers efficient and accurate collection, allocation, and distribution of funds to internal programs, supported member agencies, charities, or other nonprofits supported by your fundraising work. Key Benefits:

  • Fee Contracts
  • Contract Precedence Levels
  • Multiple Fee Types
  • Maximum Fee Caps
  • Distribution by Campaign, Account, Agency, etc.
  • Federations and Payee Overrides
  • Minimum Amount to Cut Checks
  • Trial and Final Runs
  • Override Record Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Voucher Creation
  • Redistribution of Undesignated Pledges