StratusLIVE Announces New Grants and Planned Gifts Functionality

May 16, 2012

StratusLIVE, LLC is pleased to announce the immediate availability of improved non-cash gift support included in the StratusLIVE for Fundraisers core. Also available are add-on modules for grants and planned gifts, furthering the StratusLIVE philosophy of creating unparalleled single-point, CRM-based fundraising solutions: One Solution. One Platform. Fully Integrated.

Each of these gift types – non-cash, grants and planned gifts – entail unique requirements that can be difficult to manage with complex and detailed documents, extensive follow through and critical timeline awareness. To address these challenges, StratusLIVE has introduced innovative, powerful functionality that fits seamlessly into fundraising daily work. With StratusLIVE for Fundraisers, it’s no longer necessary for organizations to maintain several different point solutions for various operations. Because StratusLIVE for Fundraisers is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform, documents can be stored directly in the database, mapped to a hard drive location, or filed on a SharePoint server. Everything fits within the existing StratusLIVE for Fundraisers flow and familiar Outlook interface, Web browser or mobile device.

Non-Cash Gifts
Non-cash gifts are a powerful way to meet fundraising goals, but they’re also some of the most misunderstood and underutilized opportunities available to fundraisers. From securities to real estate to vehicles to jewelry, the non-cash functionality allows fundraisers to properly accept and receipt non-cash gifts while maximizing tax benefits for donors and maintaining all necessary records. Sophisticated donors will appreciate the significant potential tax benefits associated with non-cash gifts, while donors with unique assets but a lower cash-gift capacity can still make significant contributions to the organization. The ability for StratusLIVE for Fundraisers users to increase campaign success through the solicitation of non-cash gifts is a significant development.

Grants Module
From an operational perspective, grants can be one of the most difficult funding sources for fundraisers to manage. Not only can the process of soliciting a grant be complex, but the fundraising department’s workflow to coordinate with program leaders and report on progress to funders can also be difficult and time consuming. For fundraisers who want to be market leaders in winning grant awards, a clear understanding of how to present the organization in the funding application, coupled with professional and accurate tracking of application progress, is essential. The Grants Module streamlines the acquisition and management of grants and provides the workflow needed to create opportunities and monitor progress toward securing grants. The follow-up activities, relationships connected to the grant, the document management, and the reporting requirements are handled by the core StratusLIVE for Fundraisers software. In like manner, deadlines for proposals, installment payments, distributions and program life cycles are also easily managed via regular workflow.

“The acquisition and management of grants is a complex fundraising activity. Our goal with the Grants Module was to empower fundraisers with the critical information and processes necessary to secure grants while allowing as much flexibility as possible following the award to manage the grant,” said Jim Funari, StratusLIVE CEO. “For fundraisers who want to be market leaders in foundation engagement, powerful software is essential and must be capable of managing documents, deadlines, and connections to multiple constituents for greater productivity. These StratusLIVE extended-giving enhancements enable fundraisers to spend more time with donors and program leaders building relationships and long-term support while increasing the effectiveness of many business processes.””

Planned Giving Module
Current donors help organizations fulfill today’s mission, but life events necessitate changes in their capacity and interest to support the organization. Forward-thinking nonprofits understand being truly donor centered creates a natural struggle to balance current funding needs with planning for the future and managing donor relationships as they change over time. StratusLIVE for Fundraisers gives nonprofits the ability to powerfully manage relationships from prospect to estate-gift distribution.

“StratusLIVE for Fundraisers provides a single, comprehensive way to cultivate, gather, record, track, compare, analyze, and manage all donor information. This 360-degree view is one of the strongest elements of the StratusLIVE for Fundraisers environment. It allows for advanced donor segmentation and different types of engagement at various stages in the relationship,” said Mike Trainor, StratusLIVE president. “Additionally, the core product’s linking of motivational interest with demographic and giving history data is unmatched in the marketplace. The Planned Giving Module capitalizes on these concepts to help organizations track donor and prospect activity and identify likely changes in inclination, capacity and propensity to give over time. The ability to then engage constituents at the appropriate time for planned gifts, such as bequests, annuities or estate planning, is greatly improved.”

Extended functionality for non-cash gifts, grants and planned giving is available for immediate release. Non-cash gift-support enhancement is included as part of regular updates, as well as with new StratusLIVE for Fundraisers deployments.

About StratusLIVE, LLC
StratusLIVE, LLC is a leader in both on-demand and on-premise donor-management and fundraising software solutions for the nonprofit industry. StratusLIVE for Fundraisers is built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform and delivered in the familiar Microsoft Outlook, Web-browser and mobile device interfaces. The product provides ease of use, familiarity and flexibility – all backed by the more that 35 years of collective nonprofit experience of the company’s leadership. Fundraising-based nonprofits can now leverage their existing IT investments with the latest in technical innovation from Microsoft. The result is a cost-effective, familiar, and easy-to-use donor management solution, which ensures a low-risk investment for any nonprofit. For more information, please visit

Press Contact:Chris Johnson
Marketing Director
StratusLIVE, LLC