StratusLIVE Included as a Leading Software Provider for Enterprise Level Nonprofits

October 3, 2017

StratusLIVE delivers exceptional cloud-based product suite and is included as a leading software provider for enterprise-level nonprofits

StratusLIVE was recently included as one of the top four enterprise-level nonprofit software providers in the Catalyst Investors’ Market Map of Nonprofit Software Companies. And the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform on which Stratus 365 is built, now leads Salesforce for “strength of current offering” in the most recent Forrester Wave report.

“The team at StratusLIVE takes pride in maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction, so we are pleased to be included among the leading nonprofit software providers in the market today,” said Jim Funari, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of StratusLIVE. “Likewise, we are excited to deliver our enterprise software on the leading Dynamics CRM platform.”

StratusLIVE’s cloud-based nonprofit software serves many clients including; The National Wildlife Federation, Community Health Charities, and the Epilepsy Foundation. These top nonprofits, along with many others, have found that the Stratus 365 solution provides:

  •  A comprehensive view of all constituent engagement regardless of channel
  • Complete integration of all systems and data in one solution
  • User-friendly reporting that surfaces the information that matters most

In a recent case study with Community Health Charities, Tom Bognanno, President and CEO said, “Community Health Charities looks to technology to streamline and maximize the efficiency of our operations. As an early adopter of StratusLIVE, we have found a dynamic and effective tool with a direct and positive impact on our revenue and operational goals.”

“Quality client care and responsiveness are everyone’s responsibility at StratusLIVE,” said John Funari, Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect of StratusLIVE, “and everything we do has a direct impact on our clients. We work hard to deliver great products and service, so for our efforts to be acknowledged, makes us very appreciative of our clients support and grateful to our employees for creating such a great product.”

About StratusLIVE, LLC

StratusLIVE is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for nonprofit organizations. The StratusLIVE CRM suite features enterprise-class relationship management, business intelligence, analytical marketing, and online fundraising with the StratusLIVE Workplace Giving Platform, designed to create exceptional user experiences, and manage your workplace campaigns more effectively than ever before. The entire product suite is natively integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. StratusLIVE is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with offices throughout the United States.

For more details, contact: Alyssa Pacheco, StratusLIVE, LLC