Blending a unique perspective of B2B technology and marketing, Virginia Weinstein brings over two decades of experience in the ERP and CRM software industry. As a portfolio marketing leader, Virginia specializes in translating difficult concepts into simple ideas Virginia Weinstein Photopeople can rally around. She has lead teams in finding a common vision and accomplished seemingly impossible goals. Virginia loves the challenge of creating new things and has a track record of starting and completing successful new programs, seeing new possibilities where others can’t, and leading others towards success.

Virginia has worked in various partner channels, mainly Microsoft and Intacct, helping partners with their marketing strategy and lead generation. Most recently, prior to joining StratusLIVE, Virginia worked at Blackbaud on the corporate marketing team for brand operationalization and readiness. As an agent of the Blackbaud brand, she contributed to corporate positioning, updated cloud story, newly acquired brands through M&A transitions, brand governance, and resource development.

Passionate, innovative, and results-driven, Virginia loves guiding companies with innovative marketing and brand as business concepts. She currently resides in Charleston, SC with her three children.