21 04, 2020

The Time for Digital Transformation is Now

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Seth Godin wrote the following blog post earlier this month which prompted internal conversation surrounding change management and digital transformation within the nonprofit industry: “But we were comfortable” Some of the shift to digital is unwanted, fraught with risk and lonely. But in some areas, organizations and leaders are realizing that it’s actually more powerful and efficient. So why didn’t you do it before? Because it’s easier to follow. Because it’s more comfortable to stay where we are. Waiting to do something because you’re forced to is rarely a positive approach to growth or leadership. Abrupt shifts against our will may cause change, but they’re inefficient and destabilizing. Next time, take the lead. Not because you have to, but because you can. Change is uncomfortable – especially change that we as nonprofit leaders and organizations do not choose. As a cloud-based technology company, we recognize the power of change [...]

15 01, 2020

TechSoup Identifies StratusLIVE as a Nonprofit Tech Trend for 2020

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TechSoup published a blog post highlighting five nonprofit tech trends for 2020. We are excited to be featured as one of these tech trends. Here is the excerpt featuring StratusLIVE: "A New Online Nonprofit Operating System? My TechSoup colleague Stephen Delaney and I sometimes muse about what an online nonprofit operating system would look like. The people at StratusLIVE and Microsoft Philanthropies have come up with something that looks just like that. Here's what the new online technology platform does: Fundraising Constituent management Marketing and engagement Case management Financial processing Program management Events and volunteers Grants management Corporate social responsibility The software is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform so that it has the Microsoft user interface, including Office and Outlook. Under the hood, the platform supports mobile devices, omnichannel marketing, and predictive analytics. It of course is in a cloud-based architecture. The software is already in use by United Way of Greenville County [...]