Your security is our priority.

Rest assured that your data is protected behind firewalls using the latest industry security standards.

Hosting Environments

  • StratusLIVE uses a combination of colocation facilities and cloud providers for hosting. This approach allows us to place tight security controls on sensitive data while having the flexibility to rapidly scale out when needed. This mix of providers also allows for a variety of failover and disaster recovery options.

Multi-Layered Approach to Security

  • Security threats – from Internet-borne worms and viruses to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, internal data losses, natural disasters, and terror-related risks – pose severe threats to organizations. StratusLIVE takes a comprehensive approach by utilizing industry-standard security tools and techniques, enabling our staff to effectively manage and protect hosted assets.
  • Encryption is used to protect data including SSL and IPsec to protect data in transit and disk encryption to protect data at rest.
  • StratusLIVE uses 3rd party external vulnerability scans on a nightly basis.


  • StratusLIVE’s networks are built with enterprise-quality hardware from multiple vendors. This layering allows us to avoid common-mode failures, in which a vulnerability from one vendor may be present in multiple product lines from that vendor.
  • Internet Services in our colocation facilities utilize redundant connections from a minimum of three Tier 1 Internet providers.

Hardware and Operating Systems

  • All server Operating Systems are built using best practices derived from a variety of sources, including Microsoft, NIST, CIS, NSA, and SANS.
  • Hardware is routinely patched to mitigate firmware vulnerabilities.

Security Patching

  • StratusLIVE tests and installs Operating System and application security patches on all systems. Patches are tested on QA systems are applied based on the criticality of the patch.

Certified Engineers and Security Teams

  • Our Cloud Engineering and Security Teams have earned industry certifications from vendors including CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, and GIAC.

High Availability

  • StratusLIVE utilizes external DNS services in conjunction with intelligent load balancers to manage the possibility of failure. Our primary facility has redundant internet connections, firewalls, and network switches. We have multiple clustered servers as well as multiple storage arrays to mitigate outages.

Disaster Recovery

  • StratusLIVE offers a variety of Disaster Recovery Options that can be tailored to meet any needs. In the event of an outage at our primary facility, responses can range from restoration of data on to newly provisioned servers to failing over to fully replicated servers.

Physical Security

  • In-house security staff
  • Multifactor identification and multi-level security zones


  • 2N+2 design throughout the power architecture – from industrial generators and uninterruptible power supplies to custom-designed power distribution units