Welcome to part 2 of our blog series, “Level-Up Your Fundraising.”

In this series, we’re going to help you maximize your fundraising revenue by providing 11 great tips for raising more money with less stress and hassle for your team… and without the need to hire new staff or dramatically increase your fundraising budget. These 11 tips span the most common strategies used by organizations to raise money to support their work and apply to nearly every organization, large or small.

If you missed part 1 on Events, you can view it here. Now, without further ado-

Part 2: Understand the True Fundraising Purpose of Your Website

Your website probably has lots of purposes. You may sign up volunteers through your website, advertise your client services or schedule appointments, offer information to the press and public, or post public resources on your website. You may even offer brochures or white papers through your site. Of course, your website has a fundraising purpose as well – you use it (or should be using it) to raise money as an integral part of your development strategy.