United Way of Central/NE Connecticut Live on StratusLIVE

August 30, 2012

StratusLIVE, LLC (StratusLIVE) today announced the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut (UWCNCT) has become fully operational on StratusLIVE software. StratusLIVE is known for best-in-class, full-featured CRM fundraising functionality with an easy-to-use interface delivered directly in Microsoft Outlook®. Because StratusLIVE is fully integrated and eliminates multiple solutions, the days of entering data into different systems for different functions are gone.

“We have known for some time that nonprofit fundraising models are changing everywhere, including at the United Way. We have also known our legacy systems, with multiple point solutions that did not share information with each other, would no longer adequately support the success of our organization,” said Tom Glynn, vice president of finance and administration for the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

“As we spoke with other organizations working with StratusLIVE, considered competitive products, and evaluated our changing business needs, it became clear that StratusLIVE was the best choice to help us reshape our fundraising for the future. We also weighed heavily the fact that StratusLIVE is not just a group of customizations, but it’a a comprehensive, managed-software product that leverages the power and stability of our existing Microsoft investments.”

“The United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut does great community-investment work. We’re excited they are now operational on StratusLIVE,” said Jim Funari, StratusLIVE CEO. “We have believed since forming StratusLIVE that fundraisers should have one solution on one platform that’s fully integrated. This will prove of great value to the UWCNC with the ability to streamline high volumes of very complex gift designations, local and national workplace-giving campaigns, gift processing, agency payouts, reporting and donor engagement.”

As a Next Generation product, StratusLIVE software helps organizations transition from multiple proprietary point solutions to a single, open, platform-based product. This approach allows StratusLIVE clients to leverage all the power, flexibility, security and scale of the Microsoft community to support users across the organization with familiar, easy-to-learn and use tools.

As a result, the business side of fundraising organizations will see more accurate and efficient workflows, while the donor-engagement side gains better insights into constituent motivational interests, marketing segmentation and moves management.

In 2011, the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut ranked number 34 out of 1,100 United Way affiliates in the nation. Today, they join other United Ways, including three of the top 20, who now use StratusLIVE for their campaign and relationship-management software. Several other large United Ways are being implemented and expect to go live in the near future. In addition to the United Way customers, StratusLIVE serves other large nonprofit organizations with their software.

“Our United Way allows for open-donor choice in designations. We also manage several national workplace-giving campaigns and process payouts to thousands of agencies on a quarterly basis. This results in very high transactional volume and processing streams that are quite complex,” said Glynn.

“StratusLIVE has all the power, dependability and flexibility we need to manage these complicated processing, payout and reporting requirements efficiently. Because the system is a single-point, fully integrated solution, we can spend less time on technology and more time on mission. Moving forward, the StratusLIVE CRM functionality will allow us to engage donors at levels we had not previously imagined with the old systems.”

Delivered in Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices or Web browsers, StratusLIVE for Fundraisers™ provides ease of use, familiarity and flexibility. Additionally, StratusLIVE is focused on relationship engagement, features multi-channel marketing support, and is delivered as a single, integrated solution.

Recent extended functionality includes data enhancement with WealthEngine®, mobile apps with CWR Mobility®, event management, volunteer engagement, grants, planned giving, high-volume imports and public-facing Web portals for agencies and workplace-giving organizations.

About United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

The United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut is a dynamic organization focused on advancing the common good. They possess the unique ability, vision and resources to bring together diverse stakeholders to create positive change with long-lasting results. Creating this kind of change means working with partner agencies, hundreds of businesses, and tens of thousands of individuals across a 40-town region.Community priorities to advance the common good include: quality educational opportunities for children, financial stability for families, health, and a safety net of services. For more information about what it means to LIVE UNITED and the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, visit www.unitedwayinc.org.

About StratusLIVE, LLC

StratusLIVE, LLC is a leader in on-demand and on-premise fundraising software products for nonprofit clients. StratusLIVE for Fundraisers is built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform and delivered through familiar Microsoft Outlook, Web browser, and mobile devices. The product provides ease of use, familiarity and flexibility — all backed by decades of collective nonprofit experience. Fundraising-based nonprofits can now leverage their existing IT investments with the latest in technical innovation from Microsoft. The result is a cost-effective, familiar and easy-to-use donor-management solution, which ensures a low-risk investment for any nonprofit. For more information, please visit: www.stratuslive.com.

Press Contact:
Chris Johnson
Marketing Director
StratusLIVE, LLC