Empower your workforce to do even more good in their communities

StratusLIVE’s Workplace Giving Platform streamlines and automates corporate giving so that more dollars go towards the causes you and your employees care about.

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60% increase in funds raised
100% higher employee participation

“[We] were intentional about finding a new software with greater flexibility for reporting, more visually appealing and with a modern user interface that could support our brand, and was easier for our employees to give online. The experience with StratusLIVE is terrific!”
Becky Sittason
System Director of Donor Engagement
Mercy Health Foundation

It’s time to rethink your workplace giving campaigns.
StratusLIVE Workplace Giving offers benefits for your whole team.

One-Click Renewal

A simple click of the mouse takes the gift amount and designations from the previous year and renews it for the current campaign.

Modern & Mobile Friendly

Engage donors with modern interactive design with a mobile responsive framework out of the box.

Multiple Payment Types

Donors can select multiple types of gifts and pledges much like an e-commerce shopping cart in a single transaction.

Advanced Fundraising Strategies

Immediate acknowledgement of recognition levels, step-up programs, suggested giving, and incentive programs.

Robust Content Management

Our easy-to-use content management system (CMS) allows for targeted messages to specific employee segments.

Configurable Giving Wizard

Guide your donors step by step through the giving experience via a customizable Contribution Wizard.

Custom Payment Methods

Add to standard payment methods like Credit Card, Direct Bill, Payroll Deduct, and Paid Time-Off by creating custom payment methods.

Imports & Exports

Import employee rosters and export results easily for Human Resources and Management.

Instant Acknowledgement

Present donors with a customizable “Thank You” page and automatic confirmation emails

Modern Web Architecture

Full content management that accommodates rich media and supports cutting-edge design.

Dashboards, Reporting, & Analytics

Real-time campaign monitoring and analytics of contributions, participation, designations, and more with dashboards and reports.

Bootstrap Theme Support

Easily create custom responsive design themes with native support for the Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework.

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StratusLIVE’s Workplace Giving Platform is a best-in-class solution. If you are considering new workplace giving software you owe it to yourself to take a closer look.

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