StratusLIVE and Microsoft Corporation

Two innovative partners with one shared commitment: to design and develop smart, affordable, forward-looking technology that will help the nonprofit community meet and exceed its goals.

As nonprofit and technology industry veterans, we deliberately and strategically chose Microsoft as the backbone to our development strategy.

Here’s why.

A Familiar Interface

Most nonprofits already are familiar with Microsoft user interface, including Office and Outlook. By building StratusLIVE on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform, we’re able to integrate directly with those same customer-familiar tools.

With the click of a mouse or tap of a finger, nonprofit development staff can instantly transition from a donor email in Outlook to a full 360-degree representation of that same donor. Real-time modeling of that data, enriched by StratusLIVE partners, enables that same development officer to create stronger, more personalized appeals. There are endless examples just like this.

Our customer’s familiarity with these applications also means faster implementations on our end and reduced learning curves and faster training schedules for our customers. Instead of needing to learn and support (and hire for) multiple point solutions, all of our customers’ systems are run from the same familiar desktop.

StratusLIVE and Microsoft
Microsoft and StratusLIVE

Flexibility, Scalability, & Innovation

For  too long the nonprofit industry has been held hostage to slow-moving, proprietary point solutions that fail to measure up – in terms of flexibility, innovation, or scalability – to the enterprise systems powering for-profit companies.

Microsoft and StratusLIVE are changing that. Delivering true enterprise-class software with native connections to the desktop, we’re enabling nonprofit organizations to make the most of today’s mobile-first, social media-driven, customer-centric environment – the same environment that is delivering seamless customer interactions with traditional for-profit brands.

The result of these changes? Our customers are enjoying dramatic reductions in operating costs; improved donor responses; powerful new insights into constituent interests; and the capacity to operate in any environment without need of complex and expensive skillsets.

A Stable Evolution

Microsoft is investing heavily in enterprise technology, much of it – in collaboration with StratusLIVE – to meet the unique and evolving needs of the nonprofit industry.

Leveraging trends in mobile development, omni-channel marketing, and predictive analytics in a cloud-based architecture, Microsoft is ensuring that the requirements of forward-looking nonprofit organizations will bet met today – and tomorrow.

We’re tailoring StratusLIVE 365 to work seamlessly with that Microsoft backbone, giving our customers anywhere, anytime access to their operations and data while building highly personalized relationships with donors, activists, volunteers, and other key constituencies.

The StratusLIVE Difference

For years StratusLIVE has been a trusted, go-to Microsoft partner, collaborating in the design, development, testing, and rollout of Microsoft tools for the nonprofit sector.

And like all great relationships, we’re just getting started.

Microsoft chose StratusLIVE because of our deep-rooted commitment to the nonprofit sector – we’re one of just a few such representatives – and because, in Microsoft’s words, companies like StratusLIVE  “demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies, methodologies, and outstanding customer service.”

As with all Microsoft partners, we’re tasked with tailoring Microsoft’s many complex, cloud-based enterprise technologies to meet the diverse and growing demands of today’s nonprofit industry. And in keeping with Microsoft’s rigorous partner standards, we must do so with cost-effective, flexible solutions.

This presents StratusLIVE with an enormously important responsibility – and opportunity – to represent the rapidly evolving needs of the nonprofit sector. This is particularly true today, with Microsoft’s launch of the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and the Common Data Model for Nonprofits, two critical initiatives aimed at helping nonprofit organizations leverage Microsoft technologies to drive greater impact and to create open data standards for improved interoperability and transparency.

“The launch of the Common Data Model for Nonprofits is an unprecedented step that aligns software providers like Microsoft with nonprofits and donors to encourage interoperability and data transparency. The Nonprofit Accelerator brings together solutions built with and for nonprofits by our innovative and global partners [like StratusLIVE] who are committed to collaboratively designing systems that embrace shared data standards to deliver true end-to-end solutions for nonprofits.”

– Justin Spelhaug, General Manager, Microsoft Philanthropies –

Microsoft also sees our partnership as a means to better serve our existing (and future) nonprofit customers, since we not only play a role in influencing design and development choices, but also introducing those new tools to customers.

The net result of all this mutual digital backscratching? A suite of technologies that enable our nonprofit customers to easily navigate between the Office products they already know and our StratusLIVE donor management, CRM, and other nonprofit tools. That is the very definition of win-win.