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We’ve lived your pain. Here’s what we did about it, and why the industry is listening.

Once upon a time we were in your shoes. We know the resource limits you face, the pressures you’re under to build and maintain quality donor relationships, the limited or outdated or just plain lousy tools you’re stuck with.

So we took all that knowledge, and we designed and built a nonprofit CRM solution to solve the challenges. We built in the cloud because it’s fast, scalable, efficient. We built on Microsoft, because most nonprofits are intimately familiar with Office applications. And we kept all of it in-house, to ensure you weren’t stuck with a third-party installer or customer support line.

StratusLIVE clients

“We all want additional data on our donors. With the integration between StratusLIVE Ignite and StratusLIVE 365, we have the ability to communicate with them in a timely way, know more about them, and continue cultivating those relationships.”

– Paula Elrod, Senior Director of Data and Technology,
United Way of Greenville County

National Wildlife Federation

By placing the most advanced response analysis, donor segmentation, and predictive ROI tools directly in the hands of end users, the National Wildlife Federation was able to create a transformational change across its organization.

At the same time they were also able to eliminate multiple legacy point systems and the multiple vendor relationships that came with them, improving internal efficiencies, cutting costs, and improving performance. Staff were able to use existing familiarity with Microsoft desktop systems and training for a single solution to reduce time requirements normally associated with onboarding a new system. 

“StratusLIVE has helped us make a fundamental shift to a true CRM-based system and bring control back to our internal staff. We no longer need multiple systems, third-party data management, analysis and segmentation vendors.”

– Caroline Itoh, Associate Vice President of Strategic Business Operations
National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation

“This fundraising success is largely due to the platform’s ability to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. It has improved donor engagement, increased our pledge fulfillment rates and so much more.”

– Staci Glaser, director of development operations, National FFA Foundation

National FFA Foundation Emblem

National FFA Foundation

National FFA Foundation chose to partner with StratusLIVE to breathe new life into setting and achieving its fundraising goals. As part of their digital transformation journey, National FFA Foundation selected Microsoft Dynamics as their foundational technology platform. This decision easily enabled StratusLIVE to leverage the organization’s existing technology and build a complete constituent engagement and management tool. Staff members seamlessly began to utilize StratusLIVE 365 within their day-to-day tasks as the platform integrated with other business processes.

Within one year of utilizing StratusLIVE 365, National FFA Foundation increased their average gift amount by 33% and their overall fundraising contributions by 18%.

The Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation chose to partner with StratusLIVE to breathe new life into setting and achieving its fundraising goals. The organization’s familiarity with Microsoft software made the process of getting up to speed much easier. Installation with StratusLIVE, particularly in comparison to a failed earlier implementation with another CRM provider, was fast and efficient.

In the words of Geoff DeLizzio, chief development officer at The Epilepsy Foundation, it was “particularly useful that StatusLIVE 365 is scalable and built on a stable Microsoft platform as we rapidly grow the Epilepsy Foundation network.”

In fact, in the wake of the change, The Epilepsy Foundation enjoyed a record fundraising performance, with overall contributions increasing by a whopping 21 percent.


“The fundraising features and functionality in StratusLIVE 365 are some of the most comprehensive and unmatched in the industry. As a result, the StratusLIVE solution is being adopted by fundraising staff across the entire organization.”

– Geoff DeLizzio, Chief Development Officer, The Epilepsy Foundation”

CHC: Creating Healthier Communities

Creating Healthier Communities (CHC) was struggling to support its corporate partners and their employee giving campaigns due to the hundreds of competing software applications being run by various regional offices.

To solve this problem, we integrated StratusLIVE 365 and Microsoft Dynamics with CHC’s existing Office 365 desktop (the one consistent suite of applications across the organization) and migrated every CHC office onto the StratusLIVE cloud.

The result? A dramatic improvement in operating efficiencies, thanks to a single donor management system accessed by all regional CHC offices. By centralizing and combining data and processes, CHC staff are now able to process $3.5 million and 320 member applications for a 150% productivity gain in gift processing and a 464% improvement in membership processing.

“As an early adopter of StratusLIVE, we have found a dynamic and effective tool with a direct and positive impact on our revenue and operational goals.

-Tom Bognanno, President and CEO, Creating Healthier Communities

CHC: Creating Healthier Communities


National FFA Foundation’s improvement in fundraising after switching to StratusLIVE.

The whole point of implementing a new nonprofit CRM system isn’t just to ‘manage’ your various constituencies. The best CRM solutions enable you to understand each and everyone of your supporters so you can maximize their value to your organization while respecting their wants and needs as well. That’s what we do. And we do it really well.


Our failure rate for nonprofit CRM implementations – 0%.

Maybe it’s because we designed and built StratusLIVE from the ground-up and know every pixel and snippet of code under the hood. Perhaps it’s because we never outsource any of our support services. Whatever the reason, we’ve never failed on a nonprofit CRM implementation in an industry plagued by 70% failure rates. We think that’s worth bragging about.

Schedule a demo from the comfort of your own desk or home office. We’ll tailor the content to your needs, work around your schedule, answer your questions. But mostly, we’ll amaze you at what this technology can do for your organization.