Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit RFP Process

Large software implementations are prone to failure and for good reason. They are typically long, drawn-out processes that for many are akin to a heart transplant. Over the years as an industry we’ve learned “best-practices” that every organization should apply towards a successful implementation project. Ideas like executive buy-in, change… Read more

Simple Strategies to Better Manage Non-Profits Staff and Volunteers

The backbone of any non-profit organization is its staff and volunteers.  Without your team working together, effectively and efficiently, everything will suffer at your organization… including programs, operations, and fundraising. Non-profits can be a challenging work environment.  Pay is often low, hours are often long, and many organizations operate month-to-month,… Read more

Tips on Creating Employee Leave Sharing Programs

It’s becoming increasingly popular for employees to donate unused PTO, either for fellow staff members in need or to their favorite charity through a corporate CSR program.  Like all corporate programs designed to help employees give back to their communities, employee leave sharing programs may benefit the employer by enhancing… Read more

Top 20 Non-Profit Leadership Blogs and Podcast

Top 20 Non-Profit Leadership Blogs and Podcast Over the past 10 years, there has been an explosion of blogs, podcasts, and websites dedicated to non-profit leadership and development.  These resources offer everything from simple tips to in-depth strategy advice, best practices, data analysis and more.  It can be hard for… Read more

5 Things You Need to Do Every Day to be a Successful Nonprofit Leader

Strong, thriving non-profits require great leaders.  This includes not only the CEO or Executive Director of the organization, but also skilled leaders in all areas, including programs, development, communications, and operations.  While leadership comes in many different forms, there are five key things that you as a non-profit leader need… Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your CRM

Not Just Software As it turns out, like so many others, my friend's company has "tried" several contact management tools and even a couple of "CRMs" which vendors had tried to "bolt-on" to their accounting as a separate system. The result was not more - but less efficiency. Ironically, less… Read more

Microsoft Teams Means Productivity Gains

Microsoft Teams application is now available for Office 365 users. So what is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is the new chat-based workspace for teamwork in Office 365. For your nonprofit, this means teamwork just became a whole lot easier, faster, and more productive. [caption id="attachment_2413" align="alignright" width="225"] Check out this… Read more

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