StratusLIVE Announces US Roadshow Schedule

StratusLIVE, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for nonprofits, companies, foundations, and workplace federations, announced today the schedule for their upcoming US roadshow. This roadshow is a two-day, four-city event designed for individuals working within philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The first event, Ignite CSR, invites professionals working within… Read more

Data Health Tips for Donor Accounts

Blog Post- Healthy Data Tips

There is data that is clean, right where it is supposed to be and meaningful to all who view it.  There is also data that is dirty, maybe a prospects State is misspelled, or perhaps a list of potential communication preferences has multiple values that mean the same thing.  And… Read more

Is your Donor Database a Goldmine?

Is your Donor Database a Goldmine?

There is so much data sitting right in front of your eyes.  If you work for a non-profit, you probably look at your donor database many times a day, or maybe not.  Maybe you have come to love your excel spreadsheet more and more because your database has let you… Read more

A Guide to Donor Engagement Scoring

Thinking back to our blog post from a few weeks ago, “8 Key Fundraising Strategies Your Non-Profit Needs to Have in Place This Year,” a post on Donor Engagement Scoring seems aptly timed. When your organization puts together those smart fundraising goals and plans, it is vital to be able… Read more

StratusLIVE Workplace Engagement Solution Delivers New Release of Innovative Features and Experiences Record Growth in Usage

StratusLIVE Workplace Engagement Solution, Ignite, announces key enhancements that benefit forward-looking companies and nonprofit organizations, and sees Platform utilization exceed 1,000 companies and 1.2 million employees.   StratusLIVE, a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class software for nonprofit organizations and companies focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR) announced today new updates to its Workplace Engagement platform, Ignite. StratusLIVE Ignite’s latest enhancements include… Read more

How to Engage Your Board in Fundraising

You know how crucial it is for your board to be engaged in your development program.  Countless books, articles, and webinars have preached the importance of a board that is active in fundraising, helping you identify and connect with new donors on a regular basis.  That’s good advice… and like… Read more

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