Our nonprofit wants

a complete donor management and
fundraising CRM solution
built by nonprofit experts who
understand our unique needs.

Our nonprofit wants

online giving software that lets
our donors and partners make a
positive impact in the communities
and causes they care about.

Software for Social Good

We design, build, implement and support innovative Software for Social Good that connect donors – and companies – to the nonprofit missions and causes they care about

and we’ve got a committed partner – Microsoft Corporation – joining us in that effort.

National Wildlife Federation

“The disconnected nature of our [previous solution] made reaching the goal of becoming a truly donor-centric organization nearly impossible. StratusLIVE helped us make a fundamental shift to a true fundraising CRM system and bring control back to our internal staff. We no longer need multiple systems, third-party data management, analysis and segmentation vendors.”

Caroline Itoh, Associate VP of Strategic Business Operations
National Wildlife Federation


For too long organizations have been saddled with outdated, proprietary legacy systems that deliver as many nonprofit technology challenges as they do solutions. The nonprofit community deserves better. StratusLIVE on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a better solution. See why:


Our world is changing. Today’s donors expect a frictionless, personalized giving experience from their favorite causes and charities. StratusLIVE Ignite brings an intuitive, modern approach to today’s online giving and volunteerism efforts: Here’s how:


As one of the world’s most successful and innovative technology companies, Microsoft and its systems are able to adapt, scale, and innovate to meet any nonprofit need.

StratusLIVE 365 delivers a dynamic approach to building, storing, analyzing, and putting constituent data to use in ways that meet and usually exceed your organization’s wants and needs.

We free your team members to do what they do best so that your nonprofit organization can focus on improving constituent relations and achieving mission success.


Compared to our competition, StratusLIVE Ignite enables us to implement your online giving site and have your donors engaged in charitable campaigns in a matter of days.

From multiple campaign and giving modes to a volunteerism solution that includes in-person, virtual or hybrid events, StratusLIVE Ignite is the flexible online giving solution you and your company partners need.

StratusLIVE Ignite lets you easily brand your online giving efforts and demonstrate to donors, your organization’s commitment to causes that matter.

Schedule a demo from the comfort of your own desk or home office. We’ll tailor the content to your needs, work around your schedule, answer your questions. But mostly, we’ll amaze you at what our fundraising CRM and online giving software can do for your organization.

A Few Words About

StratusLIVE and Microsoft

Our relationship is characterized by award-winning, innovative, dependable technology. But it is forged in the spirit of something even more important: a shared commitment to advance nonprofit and social good missions regardless of the need, scope, or complexity.

Together we are focused on Software for Social Good.

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