Our nonprofit wants

a complete donor management and
fundraising CRM solution
built by nonprofit experts who
understand our unique needs.

Let’s go!

Our nonprofit wants

workplace giving
software that lets our
donors support the
causes they care about.

Let’s go!

Software for Social Good

We design, build, implement and support innovative Software for Social Good that connect donors – and companies – to the nonprofit missions and causes they care about

and we’ve got a committed partner – Microsoft Corporation – joining us in that effort.

National Wildlife Federation

“The disconnected nature of our [previous solution] made reaching the goal of becoming a truly donor-centric organization nearly impossible. StratusLIVE helped us make a fundamental shift to a true fundraising CRM system and bring control back to our internal staff. We no longer need multiple systems, third-party data management, analysis and segmentation vendors.”

Caroline Itoh, Associate VP of Strategic Business Operations
National Wildlife Federation

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Building a Better Donor Experience

For-profit CRM and customer management technologies are built with one goal in mind: to meet the distinct needs of each and every customer while maximizing their value to the brand. Why should nonprofit technologies and the donors and constituencies they’re supposed to serve be any different? At StratusLIVE, they’re not.

Constituent Management, Tailored Just for Nonprofits

We designed and developed our suite of donor engagement and fundraising CRM technologies and services to help organizations like yours build outstanding experiences for the individuals and companies you depend on for success. Because most of us have worked in the nonprofit industry, we know what you know: if you meet the unique needs of your supporters, they’ll continue to meet yours.

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Schedule a demo from the comfort of your own desk or home office. We’ll tailor the content to your needs, work around your schedule, answer your questions. But mostly, we’ll amaze you at what our fundraising CRM and workplace giving software can all do for your organization.

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Building Deeper Donor Engagement

Workplace giving, volunteerism, and other forms of philanthropy have never mattered more, both to the charities and causes that depend on them and to the corporations eager to do their part.

There’s also a growing body of research demonstrating that today’s best and brightest want to work for socially conscious companies; that consumers want to buy from them; that investors want to, well, invest in them; and communities put out the welcome mat for them.

Lots of wins in that equation.

Here’s another.

Our workplace giving software already powers the philanthropic aspirations of more than 1,200 companies through their nonprofit partners, because our tools make it incredibly easy to create and manage virtually any kind of philanthropic program. They’re also intuitive, meaning no steep learning curve and improved engagement from your employees. Oh, and our implementations are the fastest in the industry – we don’t outsource anything.

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A Few Words About

StratusLIVE and Microsoft

Our relationship is characterized by award-winning, innovative, dependable technology. But it is forged in the spirit of something even more important: a shared commitment to advance nonprofit and social good missions regardless of the need, scope, or complexity.

Together we are focused on Software for Social Good.

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