StratusLIVE Ignite Product Demos and Videos

StratusLIVE Ignite Module Introduction

StratusLIVE Ignite is an intuitive, rapidly deployable, comprehensive online giving platform for nonprofits, federated fundraisers, and companies. Our tools and expertise create a long-lasting relationship between you and your donors.

StratusLIVE Ignite Give at Work

Give at Work is a solution for your partner companies that allows employees to contribute to their favorite charities and causes through volunteering, matching, and online donations.

StratusLIVE Ignite Volunteer Now

With Volunteer Now, your organization can create in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. You can promote events throughout the entire Ignite platform and on your website. Generate reports post event to share facts and figures with your corporate partners.

StratusLIVE Ignite Events

Create customizable event pages with vibrant banners, straightforward donation and registration options, and detailed event information that resonate with your audience. Regardless of the type of event your nonprofit is hosting, Ignite ensures that your event pages are both inviting and informative, encouraging greater participation and engagement —all within a user-friendly interface.

StratusLIVE Ignite DIY Fundraising

Support do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising and ignite the creativity within your most loyal donors to contribute in personalized, meaningful ways. Through these DIY and peer-to-peer campaigns, you empower your donors to create a fundraising campaign, inspire friends, and give on their terms.

StratusLIVE Ignite Donor Hub

Create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your donors through Donor Hub. This online profile empowers your donors to personalize their giving experience and provides a single view of activity and engagement. Share messaging and impact reports with your givers all in one place while you provide them the opportunity to turn good intentions into real impact.

StratusLIVE Ignite AI Content Generator

Are you looking for a fast & effective way to write content that resonates with your donors?  StratusLIVE Ignite AI revolutionizes the way you create content, allowing you to generate high quality & engaging webpages in a fraction of the time – all without ever leaving your page builder. See how this innovative AI technology can help you streamline your workflow and make your time more productive.