Donor Management and Engagement

Your nonprofit works diligently to acquire your donors. Once they are hooked on your mission, it’s up to you to keep them engaged. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Check out these resources for donor management and engagement:

NEW White Paper: The Cycle of the Digital Donor Playbook

White Paper: Understanding the Donor Lifecycle

White Paper: Elevate Philanthropy Method: The Top Four Challenges Facing Nonprofits Today

Webinar Recording: The Top Four Challenges Facing Nonprofits Today

Webinar Recording: 10 Ways Personalization Can Increase Donor Engagement

StratusLIVE Product Videos

If you’re interested in StratusLIVE 365 or StratusLIVE Ignite, take a peek at our short product videos highlighting the most popular features of our nonprofit CRM and online giving solutions.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are using StratusLIVE, you are using Microsoft. If you are familiar with Microsoft, then you will find StratusLIVE 365 very easy to learn and use. Here are a few Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Guides to help you increase productivity.

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Field Service Guide

Project Service Automation


Microsoft Power Platform Roadmap

Customer Support

If you’re a StratusLIVE customer, we offer a number of support services, including hands-on training, dedicated monthly support, phone and email support. We also provide supporting documentation and videos, including training and demonstration. Use the button below to log in and request the support you need.