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View our upcoming webinars. In our Tech Talks, we tackle the latest challenges within nonprofit fundraising and offer best practices related to donor engagement.

Previous Webinars

Webinar with Winston Faircloth

Wednesday, October 25th | 2pm EST

Top Tips to Transform your Database for 2024 

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining a robust and efficient donor database is critical to ensure effective fundraising and operations. To kickstart your data management journey for 2024, watch StratusLIVE and Orr Group’s comprehensive session that covers the most critical aspects of database preparation. You’ll learn practical methods that’ll increase the efficacy and power of your database, so you are prepared for the year ahead.

Webinar with Winston Faircloth

Tuesday, September 26th | 2pm EST

Empower Nonprofit Excellence: Business Intelligence and Data Visualizations Explored

Business intelligence (BI) and data visualizations can enhance your nonprofit’s efficiencies, impact, and fundraising success. Join StratusLIVE and BWF for our upcoming webinar to uncover the realm of BI in the nonprofit sector. During this discussion, we will:

  • Explore the diverse data sources that inform BI
  • Outline the benefits of BI and data visualizations beyond just strategic decision-making
  • Identify steps to take before a nonprofit utilizes BI including integrations and data governance best practices
  • Showcase top visualizations for enhancing year-end fundraising strategies

We will also demonstrate Microsoft Power BI within the StratusLIVE Nonprofit Industry Cloud Solution.

Webinar with Winston Faircloth

Our conversation with Winston Faircloth explored a case study of a recent United Way’s selection of StratusLIVE as their CRM solution. Discover how many United Ways have adapted to the new normal, emphasizing digital transformation through digital giving, direct donations, and on-demand giving. While many still rely on point solutions with pros like ease of use and affordability, the cons, including siloed data, manual uploads, and hidden time and costs, outweighed the benefits. Evaluate technology based on people, process, and platform variables, considering your organization’s goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into CRM selection, digital transformation, and the future of United Ways. Secure your spot today for this transformative webinar.

Webinar with Evolve GG

Digital transformation has become essential to nonprofit success. By leveraging technology, nonprofit organizations can increase their fundraising capacity and engage donors more effectively. However, it can be difficult to know how to effectively operationalize a fundraising strategy with technology.

Watch StratusLIVE and Evolve Giving Group’s webinar that answers the question: What comes first – the technology or the strategy?  We also discussed how to assess your digital maturityscale your fundraising strategy, and maximize the use of your donor data.

United In Purpose

Explore the power of nonprofit communities and how technology can enhance engagement in our webinar. You’ll walk away from this session with a strong understanding of what a connected nonprofit community is, how to leverage your community for inspired action, and how to reinforce your community through technology.

We also demonstrated Community Hub, a nonprofit community management tool, on StratusLIVE Ignite! Don’t miss this opportunity to build a robust and committed community.

2023 Ignite AI Webinar

Advancing the Nonprofit Sector with Ignite AI

The future of Nonprofit Tech has arrived with AI. Discover what your future holds in our discussion on many forms of AI and how it will help enhance the work you are doing in your community. Then, stick around for a live demo of StratusLIVE Ignite AI’s content generator – LIVE to all Ignite users on June 12th!

2023 Nonprofit Technology Conference

The Future of Digital Engagement: What’s New with StratusLIVE Ignite

The challenges faced by the United Way network continue to increase in complexity. However, by investing in digital engagement technology, your United Way can not only survive but thrive by bolstering revenue outside workplace campaigns, gaining internal efficiencies, and fostering your donor communities.

Automation versus Artificial Intelligence Webinar

Nonprofits today must work smarter not harder if they are to make progress toward mission-fulfillment. Business automation and artificial intelligence are two means to do just that. However, many organizations are confused about the purpose of each and where to start.

In this webinar, StratusLIVE provides an overview of business automation and artificial intelligence. We answer questions such as:

•    What are the differences between business automation and AI?
•    What are the benefits of automation?
•    How will artificial intelligence enhance my fundraising strategies?
•    What fundraising with AI metrics can I track?
•    Where can nonprofits apply automation and AI within their organizations?

Fundamentals NP Digital Engagement_Webinar

Today’s nonprofits must meet donors where they are – online. In this webinar, StratusLIVE discusses the fundamentals of nonprofit digital engagement including:

  • The expectations of today’s donors
  • The differences between the traditional donor lifecycle and the digital donor lifecycle
  • The Cycle of the Digital Donor – a ten-step framework to create a digital ecosystem of constituents

You’ll also walk away with tips to align your donors’ interests with your organization’s needs as well as marketing and fundraising tactics to attract new donors.

We will also provide a demo of StratusLIVE Ignite, an all-in-one digital online giving platform.

Webinar: Cultivating the Next Generation of Donors

Organizations that adopt a next-generation-driven donor engagement strategy can expect a whole new level of participation as this younger generation brings their personal connections and passions to the causes they care about.

In this webinar, we explain the different generations, how nonprofits can attract the next generation of donors and ideas for fundraising strategies. We’ll discuss:

  • Expanding your donation options
  • Social Media and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Volunteering
  • Partnering with Young Leader’s Groups and Social Enterprises
  • Offering Young Leader’s Award Opportunities
  • Hybrid Events
Crypto Webinar

Crypto Philanthropy programs are now the fastest-growing revenue channel for hundreds of nonprofits including United Way Worldwide, Save the Children and the American Cancer Society. With hundreds of millions of crypto users worldwide and over $450 million in donations, Crypto Philanthropy is growing rapidly.

In this webinar, we explain what Crypto Philanthropy is, how nonprofits can incorporate it into their future fundraising strategies, and examples and case studies of nonprofits who have successfully incorporated crypto fundraising into their work.

Hit the Road to Online Fundraising Success General Nonprofits

Fundraising is all about the long-term journey of building individual donor relationships and creating engagement pitstops along the way. These opportunities to give, volunteer, and engage with your organization don’t take you off course but add meaning to the donor journey.

In this webinar, we highlight the latest enhancements to StratusLIVE Ignite, online giving platform, that will enable your nonprofit organization to:

  • Build your web presence with configurable content management options
  • Reinforce and enhance your brand’s identity with an intuitive page designer
  • Offer multiple opportunities for your donors to engage through giving, volunteering, & events
  • Track the real-time success of all your engagement methods with responsive dashboards & visualizations
  • Utilize a single, integrated platform that offers a full suite of donor management and online engagement tools
Hit the Road United Way Webinar Landing Page

Fundraising is all about the long-term journey of building individual donor relationships and creating engagement pitstops along the way. These opportunities to give, volunteer, and engage with your organization don’t take you off course but add meaning to the donor journey.

In this webinar, we highlight the latest enhancements to StratusLIVE Ignite, online giving platform, that will enable your United Way to:

  • Offer multiple digital engagement methods and channels for workplace and individual donors
  • Increase individual engagement and revenue OUTSIDE the workplace
  • Compete and win against third-party processors
  • Engage your partner agencies as content partners
  • Track the real-time success of all your engagement methods with responsive dashboards & visualizations
  • Utilize a single, integrated platform that offers a full suite of donor management and digital engagement tools
Why you Should Leave your Legacy NP Software Webinar

Nonprofits most likely to thrive in today’s digital-first society are those that embrace technology as part of their fundraising activities. Those organizations that have digital strategies beyond fundraising are considered digitally mature.

Legacy nonprofit software may be holding you back from achieving digital maturity. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges associated with legacy systems including:

  • Bolt-on point solutions that create data silos and a disjointed user experience
  • Risk of customization projects versus a proven product
  • Poor security protocols
  • Lack of subject matter expertise in the nonprofit industry

We’ll also provide you with talking points to advocate for a modern, commercialized platform with one consolidated solution.

Peer to peer fundraising webinar

How do you incorporate Peer-to-Peer fundraising in your organization? This StratusLIVE peer-to-peer fundraising webinar is designed to deliver the insights, guidance, and know-how you need to start (or continue) your peer-to-peer campaign.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the benefits of P2P Fundraising, ideas for P2P campaigns and how to encourage participation.

We’ll also provide a demo of StratusLIVE Ignite, an all-in-one online giving platform designed to build donor communities that last.


Today’s nonprofits must meet donors where they are – online. Tap into these digital networks, and you’ll develop an engine for future growth.

But where do you begin, and how do you scale your online fundraising efforts? 

In this webinar, we’ll cover the Cycle of the Digital Donor, a ten-step framework that allows you to create an ecosystem of givers, donors, volunteers, and partner agencies committed to your mission.

Digital Donor Engagement Webinar

During our one-hour webinar, we will discuss the modern nonprofit’s need to pursue digital maturity and the demands of today’s digital donor and corresponding giving methods to meet these needs.

Best Practices for a Successful Giving Campaign

In this informative webinar, we’re digging into how your organization can successfully run an online giving campaign including tips for Giving Tuesday. Learn how to market and promote your campaign, including social media tips.

Take 5 with StratusLIVE Webinar Series

Learn about solutions for your fundraising challenges. Including corporate and volunteer engagement, donor engagement scoring, campaign ROI dashboards, analytics, and outlook/teams integration.

Fundraising & Marketing Webinar

In this webinar presented by StratusLIVE and ClickDimensions, we will learn how your nonprofit can future-proof your digital marketing and fundraising strategies to fuel all-donor engagement.

Nonprofit Hacks Webinar

In this webinar, StratusLIVE’s experts covered how to use fundraising technology to customize and track your donors by various dimensions, such as engagement score, list segmentation, campaign structure, and more.

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