StratusLIVE: Your Partner for Nonprofit Success

Experience You Can Trust

Unparalleled Customer Service

Over half of StratusLIVE’s team has built a career within the nonprofit industry. We were in your shoes once; we know your language and we know what it takes to get your job done. We have a team dedicated to your success – well beyond implementation. Come to us with questions on best practices or request a helping hand to create a giving page, we are at your service!

Support That Understands Your Mission

Your Nonprofit Champions

Our service-first philosophy goes beyond our 9-5 roles! StratusLIVE is proud of our 10-year employee campaign history in support of United Way of South Hampton Roads, our team members are active in invigorating their local communities, and we make an effort to support multiple United Way events per year.

Grow Your Mission, Not Your Workload

Focus On What Matters

StratusLIVE is dedicated to providing a smooth software experience, allowing nonprofits to focus on growing their mission rather than their to-do list.

StratusLIVE’s AI-Powered Products Seamlessly Unite to Drive Nonprofits Towards Sustainable Growth.

Top 5 Nonprofit Industry Challenges

Our eye is on the future of nonprofit technology. We continuously strive to maintain an up-to-date platform so you can easily and securely engage with your donors in a familiar interface. StratusLIVE’s wholistic, modern approach to nonprofit technology allows you to leverage a best-in-class platform along with the support you should expect from a trusted partner.