Corporate Social Responsibility

With Give at Work, you can enhance the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals of corporate partners, engage employees, and build new revenue streams… since this fundraising strategy is different from individual giving.

Start Campaigns Faster

Rapid Setup and Deployment

Benefit from the ability to launch Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs promptly without extensive setup time, allowing you to begin fundraising efforts and engage with corporate donors fast.

StratusLIVE Workplace Giving

Foster your Workplace Donors’ Desire to Give Back

Year Round, Personalized Giving

Employees can update their own donor records, addresses, email addresses, and communication preferences and choose from multiple causes. Employees can choose their preferred giving option including Credit Card, PayPal, Payroll Deduction, PTO, and Google Pay.

Grow good Will

Giving Matching Options

Options include one-time gifting or the ability to enroll in recurring donations with flexible match options.

Year-Round, Personalized Workplace Giving

Visualize Impact Instantly

On-Demand Reporting

The platform’s flexible business units for reporting mean that you can accurately track and report your activities and successes across your organization, providing you with the insights needed to make strategic decisions. Track data including: Number of donors, total donation amount, average gift, number of volunteers, number of volunteer hours, one-time gifts vs. recurring gifts.

Support Volunteer Impulses

Volunteer Management

Search for events by zip code, radius, or specific charity interest and participate individually or as a team.

StratusLIVE Volunteer Now - Opportunity Search

Explore Corporate Social Responsibility Features

StratusLIVE’s AI-Powered Products Seamlessly Unite to Drive Nonprofits Towards Sustainable Growth.

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