Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

The StratusLIVE IQ Marketing Segmentation tool is a dynamic web app driven by predictive analytics, effortlessly segmenting contacts and providing valuable insights into campaign budgets, costs, and ROI. With this powerful tool, you can optimize marketing campaigns with data-driven precision and confidence, faster than you’ve ever been able to before.

Execute Effective Campaigns

Self-service Data Segmentation

Optimized for nonprofits, StratusLIVE’s multi-channel segmentation and personalization tool uses real-time predictive analytics to model projected revenue, response rates, average gift amounts, costs, net revenue, ROI, NIPN, CTA and other metrics.

Plan your Marketing Success

Predictive Analytics Modeling

Planning, Modeling, Execution and Analysis in High Volume Marketing Campaigns. Without relying on costly consulting and/or agency advisory services.

Save Money and Time

In-house Marketing List Management

Wave goodbye to costly and time-consuming dependencies on external agencies for data management. Our intuitive platform puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the autonomy to personalize donor engagement, streamline campaign execution, and cut costs significantly. With StratusLIVE IQ, experience the freedom of crafting targeted lists, analyzing donor segment patterns, and deploying strategic campaigns—all in real time and at your fingertips. Elevate your mission with smarter fundraising that saves both dollars and hours, exclusively with StratusLIVE’s AI-enabled nonprofit solutions.

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StratusLIVE’s AI-Powered Products Seamlessly Unite to Drive Nonprofits Towards Sustainable Growth.

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