Amplify Legacy and Showcase Reverence with StratusLIVE’s Custom Innovations

StratusLIVE redefines nonprofit technology, offering cutting-edge solutions designed for the unique needs of historical foundations and military societies. We transform challenges into opportunities and technology that not only meets but amplifies your mission.

Unite Disparate Systems

StratusLIVE’s CRM and Digital Engagement suites emerge as a unifying force, dismantling the barriers of data silos with its seamless integration. Imagine a world where collaboration flourishes and accessibility spans devices, empowering your team to make decisions with confidence and efficiency. This is the reality StratusLIVE promises—where technology complements strategy, propelling your mission forward.

Cultivate Lasting Connections

Elevate your nonprofit’s community engagement to new heights with StratusLIVE’s Community Hub! This integral feature was designed to transform how you engage and unite your community. This dynamic tool enables your organization to easily create and manage vibrant online groups, fostering a rich environment of collaboration and support among members. Whether you’re aiming to bring together enthusiasts of historical preservation, veterans, or philanthropists, Community Hub offers the flexibility to tailor groups to your unique mission and constituents’ interests. From military family networks to specialized interest groups, you can effortlessly customize these groups which will in turn empower members to manage events and volunteer opportunities, which can be done all under the same login.

Maximize Impact with Every Dollar

The art of fundraising lies not just in securing donations but in doing so efficiently and effectively. StratusLIVE’s suite offers a canvas for nonprofits to paint their fundraising strategies across individual giving, corporate partnerships, and mass market endeavors. Our digital engagement platform is designed not just to meet targets but to surpass them, ensuring that every dollar raised furthers your cause.

Harness the Power of Insights

In the realm of strategic decision-making, knowledge is power. StratusLIVE’s Nonprofit Business Intelligence and Analytics-Enabled Segmentation light the path with real-time insights and actionable data. From understanding donor behaviors to optimizing resource allocation, we empower you to navigate the complexities of nonprofit management with clarity and confidence.

Innovative StratusLIVE Features for Impactful Results

“We [are] better positioned to serve and honor the needs of our donors, honorees, and constituents.”

“Our organization seeks to educate future Americans to fully appreciate the sacrifices that generations of American Soldiers have made. With the implementation of StratusLIVE 365 and Ignite, we [are] better positioned to serve and honor the needs of our donors, honorees, and constituents.”

Kelly Isom, Director of Data Services, Army Historical Foundation

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