Empower your Healthcare Mission and Gratitude Journey

Elevate Healthcare Impact with StratusLIVE

Cultivate Grateful Patient Programs

Through our platform, patients and their loved ones have the opportunity to readily show their appreciation to the hospitals that have made a difference in their lives. Effortlessly establish and manage grateful patient programs, allowing individuals to express their gratitude through donations that support your continued mission.

Nurture Community Engagement

Facilitate the creation of patient and family community groups within our digital engagement platform. These groups offer a space for patients, families, and caregivers to connect, share experiences, and provide mutual support. Strengthen relationships and build a sense of belonging within your healthcare community.

Personalize Donation Journeys

Make the act of giving a deeply personal experience. StratusLIVE enables patients, families, and supporters to contribute to specific areas of a healthcare facility or hospital that have made a difference in their lives. Whether it’s in appreciation of exceptional nursing care or in memory of a loved one, StratusLIVE ensures every gift has a meaningful impact.

Unify and Scale your Healthcare Philanthropy Operations with Microsoft and StratusLIVE

StratusLIVE 365, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers healthcare organizations and foundations flexible business operations, standard data management, and consolidated reporting.

With options for both multi-tenant and single-tenant solutions, healthcare organizations can leverage a high degree of standardization. The multi-tenant approach offers both standardization and scalability by employing a common code base, data model, business processes, and analytics while allowing local foundations to maintain a level of autonomy around their constituents, users, and customizations.

    • The common data model offers affiliated foundations a data standard that provides overarching insights, delivering organizational consistency.  
    • All affiliate foundation data streams into a master data warehouse, facilitating consolidated reporting for top-level management teams to view results, metrics, KPIs, and related analytics in a consolidated view. Individual or portfolio foundations can also leverage specific groupings and consolidations, designed to meet their requirements.  
    • While leveraging the standardization of the common data model, local foundations are still empowered to customize their own solution for their unique needsincluding discretely handling certain constituents or donors.  

Maintain Trust and Compliance with Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers healthcare organizations robust security and compliance features, including adherence to HIPAA and other data protection regulations. Its advanced security measures, such as data encryption, role-based access, and multi-factor authentication, safeguard sensitive information. Healthcare organizations benefit from Microsoft’s secure cloud infrastructure, regular security updates, and features like audit trails and data governance, ensuring a high level of data security and operational resilience.

Enhance Healthcare Philanthropy with Effective Prospect Research

Effective healthcare philanthropy requires several key elements – powerful donor data, staff integration, and the right technology systems to collect data and implement compelling engagement tactics. Ensuring all these elements work seamlessly together is a challenge – especially in an environment where data and communication silos are common.

Download our eBook for a comprehensive guide to prospect research in healthcare philanthropy. Learn how to:

  • Analyze, segment, and actualize your donor data
  • Build a culture of philanthropy that includes both development staff and care workers
  • Incorporate the right technology tools for a data-driven strategy

Transcend Healthcare Boundaries with StratusLIVE

“MedStar has seen a transformation in how they manage donor relationships and data, all tailored specifically for the healthcare sector.”

MedStar Health

MedStar Health, a leading healthcare provider across the DC Metropolitan area, uses StratusLIVE 365 CRM to manage over a quarter million contact records effectively. Since switching from an outdated, unsecure Proprietary system in 2022, MedStar has seen a transformation in how they manage donor relationships and data, all tailored specifically for the healthcare sector. StratusLIVE 365 integrates between their hospital and foundation to ensure MedStar can focus on what matters most—advancing their philanthropic impact. Discover more about these capabilities in our CRM 9.3 Healthcare Clip.

StratusLIVE’s AI-Powered Products Seamlessly Unite to Drive Organizations Towards Sustainable Growth.

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