An End-To-End, Nonprofit Industry Cloud Solution

Designed and developed from the ground-up, the StratusLIVE suite of nonprofit donor management technologies and workplace giving tools were built not simply to meet but to extend the capabilities of today’s nonprofit organizations as well as the companies dedicated to helping them.

Fundraising StratusLIVE

Cultivate, nurture, and close all of your giving relationships through our sophisticated, yet intuitive suite of fundraising tools that give you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of these donors and their relationship history with your organization.

Nonprofit CRM StratusLIVE

Capture every touch and build a powerful understanding of your constituencies, including their history, location, demographics, unique interests and more. Use our analytics to uncover new relationships that can be used to better understand your supporters.

Marketing StratusLIVE

Easily create and manage multi-faceted marketing campaigns using postal, email, and social media. Use response data for real-time segmentation and the kinds of business intelligence that allow you to truly nurture and grow relationships with key supporters.

Case Management

Provide your team with the tools they need to record, track, manage and reconcile constituent requests that demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service.

Financial Processing StratusLIVE

Easily capture, track, and report on virtually any kind of donation or support and integrate it directly into your existing sub and general banking ledgers.

Program Management StratusLIVE

Empower your program and project managers with intelligent management software that improves efficiencies, automates processes, and delivers results.

Events and Volunteers StratusLIVE

Setting up and managing fundraising and other event types and cultivating the volunteers who work them has never been easier with StratusLIVE’s event and volunteer management tools.

Grants Management StratusLIVE

Easily administer and automate your entire grants management process, from discovery to production and submission, from award to program management and accounting.

Workplace Giving StratusLIVE

Create high-profile workplace giving pages that will engage your donors while meeting the needs of their favorite causes, campaigns, and charities.