CRM is one thing. But CRM
designed, developed, installed, and supported by and for nonprofit experts is something else entirely.

We’re all about something else.

CRM is one thing. But CRM developed by and for nonprofit experts is something else.

We’re all about something else.

A Complete Donor Engagement & Constituent Relationship Management Solution

Our nonprofit CRM is an integrated suite of business applications specifically designed and built from the ground up with one end-user in mind: organizations like yours.

– 20 million donor profiles, over $1 Billion in annualized giving –

StratusLIVE 365 Nonprofit CRM Business Applications

Fundraising StratusLIVE

Cultivate, nurture, and close all of your giving relationships through our sophisticated, yet intuitive suite of nonprofit solutions that give you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of these donors and their relationship history with your organization.

Nonprofit CRM StratusLIVE

Capture every touch and build a powerful understanding of your constituencies, including their history, location, demographics, unique interests and more. Use our analytics to uncover new relationships that can be used to better understand your supporters.

Marketing StratusLIVE

Easily create and manage multi-faceted marketing campaigns using direct mail, email, and social media. Our nonprofit solutions use response data for your real-time segmentation and the kinds of business intelligence that allow you to truly nurture and grow relationships with key supporters.

Case Management

Provide your team with the tools they need to record, track, manage and reconcile constituent requests that demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service.

Financial Processing StratusLIVE

Easily capture, track, and report on virtually any kind of donation or support and integrate it directly into your existing sub and general banking ledgers.

Program Management StratusLIVE

Empower your program and project managers with intelligent management software that improves efficiencies, automates processes, and delivers results with our nonprofit solutions.

Events and Volunteers StratusLIVE

Setting up and managing fundraising and other event types and cultivating the volunteers who work them has never been easier with StratusLIVE’s event and volunteer management tools.

Grants Management StratusLIVE

Easily administer and automate your entire grants management process, from discovery to production and submission, from award to program management and accounting.

Online Giving StratusLIVE

Create high-profile online giving campaigns that will engage your donors while meeting the needs of their favorite causes, campaigns, and charities.

The StratusLIVE Difference(s)

Choosing a nonprofit CRM and donor management solution is a pretty big deal. We get it. To help with your decision making process, here are some of the more notable reasons a growing number of nonprofits are choosing us.

the why

Most of us at StratusLIVE are from the nonprofit sector. We lived and breathed your missions, struggled to achieve the same goals. And at the end of the day, we were always left wondering why the for-profit sector enjoyed better tools.

the what

Most nonprofits already use the same world-class technology as the Fortune 500 – but it’s on the desktop. So what if we built a complete nonprofit CRM solution directly onto the Microsoft brand that already powers your day-to-day operations? (Hint: we did)

the how

By combining our insider’s knowledge of nonprofit operational needs, our BFF relationship with Microsoft, and an eye toward where technology is going, we built a complete, cloud-based nonprofit CRM solution that is tailor-made for organizations like yours.

the unusual

We don’t outsource anything to anyone, ever – this makes for fast, pain-free system implementations. Same goes for our customer service. We’re built on Microsoft rather than a closed system. And we only answer to our customers, not Wall Street.

The StratusLIVE Technology Platform

Exploring the many ways that StratusLIVE 365 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can meet your unique needs

constituent management

Business Hierarchies

Control economic resources, operational processes and report on your organization from a variety of different perspectives. Organization hierarchies start at the business unit and can be created by chapters, affiliates and territories.

role-based security

Role-based Security

Easily lock down access to data at multiple levels in your organization for both security and data integrity.  Security is role-based but can extend to the record level and even to the field level.

personalized user experience

Personalized User Experience

Setting up personalized user experiences moves beyond just themes and colors and can include everything from help options and startup screens to dashboards, forms, views and workflows.


Productivity & Collaboration

Increase productivity and collaboration by integrating Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Teams and One Note into your daily routines.  With a third-party provider you can connect your phone system to Microsoft Dynamics to capture and track calls and use the semi-automated call queues for fundraising campaigns.

data management

Data Management

Make it easy for administrators and users to manipulate data to keep it clean, accurate and up to date through duplicate detection, data mapping and merge features.

data views

Data Views & Queries

Extract data that is meaningful and useful using queries that are easy to save and share. Powerful declarative advanced find queries are used for segmentation, reports, charts and dashboards and can be saved as a view for re-running queries and providing up-to-date information. In addition, these queries can be used to build dynamics and static marketing lists to target the right constituent at the right time and with the right information.

guided processes

Guided Processes

Improve efficiencies across your organization by implementing dynamic, event-driven, transparent processes.  Visualize the next best action to move a relationship forward, track and respond to funding requests or engage with donors in a timely manner.



Work however and wherever you want with our completely mobile platform available on your iOS- and Android-based devices. View dashboards, constituents, transactions and everything you need to do your work in real-time.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence & AI

Our powerful business intelligence platform will change the way you gather, shape and analyze data across your entire organization, providing strategic insights to make smarter decisions faster and more accurately. Model and visualize live data in real time, enabling your dashboards, charts and reports to be fully interactive.



The combination of power apps and flow provide power users and enterprises a best of breed solution for rapid application development, enabling organizations to create processes to fit their individual business needs. Easily create and change entities, workflows, forms and attributes.



The Microsoft Solution Developer Kit includes an architectural overview of Dynamics 365, the entity model, security model, and web services. Sample code and walkthroughs are provided to guide you through the new features. It also contains information for developers who customize the web client or Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Office Outlook, including scripting, integration of custom webpages, and sample code.


Commitment to Innovation

We constantly strive to innovate new products that will meet the needs of our customers. From Day 1, new hires learn that we welcome ideas that will help nonprofit organizations overcome obstacles. Our goal is to continue to deliver the best approach to fundraising, constituent cultivation, analytics, and more. This commitment is made more fruitful by our collaborative relationship with Microsoft and its team of innovators.

As CEO/Executive Director, you juggle identifying measurable engagement, reaching and engaging donors while managing costs and enabling collaboration among your staff… that’s a hefty load! With StratusLIVE 365, you can leverage the comprehensive platform and our customer success team to identify data trends and view donor data holistically. This information will empower your staff to dramatically cut costs and interact with donors in a personalized manner – leaving you time to work within the communities you impact.

StratusLIVE 365 can help you achieve your mission with:

  • Consolidated, 360-degree views of your donors by history, activity, demographics, data enrichment, and more
  • Business analytics to inform and guide your strategic decisions
  • Social media, email, web, and direct response marketing and engagement tools to expand your reach
  • Improved efficiencies and cost reductions through the elimination of outdated or unwanted legacy systems and automation of manual processes
  • Consolidated donor and constituent management platform that empowers team members to do their jobs faster, more creatively, and more productively

As a CIO, you are often getting pushed from your CEO and the board to get on with digital transformation but without much budget to do it!  You are wrestling with disparate systems while trying to put software and data at the center of the company.  You need a digital ecosystem that provides the highest security and system performance while driving efficient operations.

With StratusLIVE 365, you will have a platform view of your business that emphasizes the value of internal and external connections. Our platform is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the industry’s leading cloud-based application architecture. With a focus on scalability, security and redundancy, the same robust infrastructure that delivers Office 365 to over 150 million world-wide users is delivering your next generation CRM and donor management solution. Embedded data analytics and intelligence are available natively in the platform to make reporting and decision-making painless. There are no complex integrations. We provide the  methodology to plan your strategy, build (deployment) and run (execute) your programs in the most efficient manner. This allows you to align your IT spend to corporate objectives and efficiently manage capital for maximum ROI.

Your role as Development Director has its own unique challenges… not to mention the pressure from your leadership team to meet your organization’s yearly giving targets. It’s difficult to reach and acquire new donors and deliver consistent, personalized messaging while utilizing disparate technology systems, so we’ve centralized the task on one modern platform. Cultivate major gift opportunities with the most advanced enrichment and prospect scoring capabilities available.  With StratusLIVE’s process automation, many of these daily tasks that fall to the wayside are completed efficiently without lifting a finger including optimizing the performance of renewals and appeals with predictive analytics and machine learning.  With this integrated automation and email marketing system in place, you will have more time to connect one-on-one with donors. And your users can work where they’re most comfortable: mobile devices, desktop browsers or from the familiar Microsoft Outlook application.

In today’s media landscape, it’s challenging for nonprofit organizations to stand out in the noise. Your job as Marketing Director involves increasing brand awareness so that your community and donors actively engage in your organization’s efforts. This can sometimes feel as if you’re shouting in a crowded room. We get it… that’s why we developed features within StratusLIVE to streamline marketing automation, identify social influencers, and leverage direct marketing and predictive analytics. When you adopt our tool, you and your team will deliver consistent messaging utilizing a complete donor database, empower your followers to receive communications on their terms, and create meaningful connections with your contributors. No megaphone required.

As Event Manager, you are challenged with increasing participation and then turning participants into members and donors. You need a platform that helps you coordinate the myriad of details for your various fundraising events while supporting effective event promotion strategies and event ticket delivery methods. You need accurate real-time reporting to provide you with critical event metrics and budget updates. Moreover, you want to be able to attach event activity directly to the constituent record. You need a platform that allows you to identify and segment target audiences and really personalize your ask.

With StratusLIVE 365, you get a fully integrated solution. You can manage your event details AND automatically attach this information to the constituent records. You have a full range of segmentation and personalization options. Email marketing tools allow you to send the right communication at the right time to the right people. You can create ‘dance cards’ which tell you who’s who in the room. We make it easy to identify and offer VIP experiences and communicate benefits and perks of becoming a member or a donor before, during, and after an event.

As Grant Manager, you are responsible for managing the grant process, tracking community impact outcomes and maintaining compliance. Oh yeah, you also need to report to your leadership and board.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to build a single source of truth about all grantmaking activities?  Would you like the ability to leverage workflows to enforce processes that ensure compliance? How about the ability to automate the process and rely on system controls?  Sound too good to be true?

With StratusLIVE 365, you can have a single source for all activities.  We offer real-time, configurable reporting including dashboards with pre-built KPIs.  We offer compliance workflows including a built-in audit trail, integration with Guidestar and IRS and OFAC checking.   StratusLIVE provides a fully automated end to end grants process.

All this means stronger communication with leadership and with grantees, less time preparing for audits, and increased efficiency throughout the grantmaking process.

Your funders trust you as a program officer to deliver and report upon your organization’s mission-critical work. But how can you focus on the big picture, when you’re bogged down in manual data entry and database maintenance? You may even be working with the wrong data that is delivered to you inconsistently and late. You can’t compare the data apples to apples, so you struggle to successfully track outcomes and report program results to your team, board, and the public. Your work is supposed to be meaningful, but it’s just a drag.

With StratusLIVE’s powerful solution, you can set program objectives and budgets, manage program activities and projects, track and allocate designated funding and gifts to appropriate funds and programs, and report on program outcomes. You can leverage historical data modeling and manage your portfolios to make proactive adjustments, so you can reach program goals. You can confidently report upon your work as it corresponds with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and complies with IATI. All this provides you with the satisfaction that your work drives real change.

As CFO, you are knee-deep in numbers all day long. You need to trust your CRM to provide you with real and reliable constituent and programmatic data as you administer strict oversight of budgeting, compliance, and financial processing. Utilizing our powerful CRM solution will offer incredible insights into your fundraising campaigns and overall financial wellbeing. With our integration with your existing sub and general banking ledgers, you will gather and report on every donation (cash, credit card, ACH, pledge, in-kind) no matter the tool (online, event, phone, postal mail). Planning and forecasting will be made much more easily as you match short-term expenses with long-term goals. Through the utilization of the StratusLIVE 365, you will align finance and programs, enabling mission-critical work.  

Schedule a demo from the comfort of your own desk or home office. We’ll tailor the content to your needs, work around your schedule, answer your questions. But mostly, we’ll amaze you at what this technology can do for your organization.