As Director of Cloud Operations, Pete LeMay has over 20 years of experience in the design, implementation, and operation of computer networks, and is responsible for all aspects of the StratusLIVE hosting environment.

Pete LeMayPete, and the cloud operations team, designed and operate the StratusLIVE private cloud. They maintain redundant networks with connectivity to multiple internet providers within RagingWire datacenters. Responsibilities include extending the StratusLIVE private cloud to public cloud offerings from Azure, AWS, and Rackspace to facilitate load spikes as well as redundancy and disaster recovery options. They work closely with StratusLIVE’s self-hosted clients, ensuring success through the upgrade and configuration of their systems.

Pete is also responsible for the security team by overseeing routine security activities such as vulnerability scanning and remediation, intrusion detection, patching, and monitoring. This team also facilitates audit and compliance-based activities to ensure StratusLIVE systems meet or exceed all applicable requirements.

Prior to joining StratusLIVE, Pete has supported the mission of non-profits ranging from religious to public tv, radio, and education. He helped design and implement the original hosting environment behind Virtual Virginia, an online high school offering AP and honors courses to students across the state.

Pete has worked with Microsoft and Cisco products throughout his career and has concentrated on education in security arenas over the last decade with courses including Windows security, penetration testing, hacking and incident response, digital forensics, malware analysis, intrusion detection, and private cloud security.