Dashboards, Charts, and Graphs Help You Understand and Act on Your Information Like Never Before.

Data visualization and analytics in StratusLIVE 365 will enable large and medium nonprofits to truly analyze their data. View a wide array of data such as donor activities, donations, pledges, marketing, or events. With our fundraising management tool for nonprofits, users can even adjust dashboards and filters to see real-time analysis on the fly. 

You’ll also:

  • See at a glance all the information you need to make business decisions
  • Find easy-to-use pre-configured dashboards for decision-makers, tailored to their specific role
  • Easily personalize dashboards to meet individual needs or share with the organization
  • Create new dashboards or easily revise existing ones when necessary
  • Instantly access tables, forms, charts, and graphs in our nonprofit CRM to make data-based decisions quickly

Planned Giving DashboardVisualize

See your data like never before.


Understand your data like never before.

Take Action

Major Gift ManagementUse your nonprofit CRM data like never before.

With accurate, real-time, and easy-to-understand information at your fingertips, insight for large and medium nonprofits was never so accessible and decisions were never so clear.

Our fundraising management tool for nonprofits is available in Enterprise-class and Professional editions. Architected as a true nonprofit CRM, this product makes social media integration with mobile and social media easy for anywhere, anytime access through Web Planned Givingbrowsers, Microsoft Outlook®, and mobile devices.

Use the built-in dashboards or create your own with simple point and click tools. Click here to request your demo today.