Three Top Tips to Define Outcomes

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International affairs organizations know all too well the importance of outcomes tracking. How can you eliminate poverty, improve sanitation, or increase clean water access without data? This data demonstrates programmatic success and indicates that your grant dollars and donations contribute to your mission.   When you and your team are deep in the work of doing good, it’s challenging to stop, take a step back, and evaluate your progress. However, if you put in the leg work, define outcomes and track inputs, you will reap the benefits.   Here are three top tips to accurately define outcomes at your international affairs organization:  1. Determine your organization’s KPIs. This requires collaboration among your staff, board, and other stakeholders. What are the big vision goals your organization aims to achieve? What are the incremental, measurable steps you will take on the path to accomplish these big goals? For example, an organization that builds schools in underserved communities abroad may have a KPI to build 500 [...]